WARNING! - BEWARE! of Compania Internacional de Seguros S.A. in Panama, Central America.

Are you thinking about purchasing insurance with Compania Internacional de Seguros S.A. in Panama?

Well, I assume you are also looking for a company that will pay a valid claim?

I bought life insurance through Compania Internacional de Seguros S.A. in Panama and I often wondered what kind of nightmare my wife would have if she ever needed to claim.

Well, my question has been answered.

The policy has been cancelled and I would suggest you do the same.

I just so happen to have auto insurance through a different insurance company, and I also happen to have been involved in an auto accident that the other driver has admitted was his fault.
The other driver's insurance company is Compania Internacional de Seguros S.A. in Panama

This is a clean cut case. The other driver (Internacional de Seguros's client) has already admitted he was at fault.
The case has been referred to the penal court because we sustained bodily injuries that resulted in greater than 30 days incapacidad.

Our injuries were so significant that we had to leave Panama and return to Canada.

I am told Compania Internacional de Seguros S.A wanted to settle this matter out of court until they found out we had left the country. (I don't know who told them I had left, but this is Panama and confidentiality really is not that secure here)

I am told that now, all of a sudden they sense that because I am no longer in Panama they are choosing to rather go to court.

This demonstrates to me how they would respond if ever anything happened to me while I was insured with them. My wife would have been in one very difficult position.

I am so thankful I cancelled my policy with them.

Well, I have news for them. I am returning to Panama just to go to court and pursue this case.

I will provide updates at this web address as to the court process.


2003 Honda Odyssea
Insurance Broker: Ducruet
Ducruet Case# 56795

Opposing insurance company is Internacional de Seguros S.A.


The following info was acquired from

Internacional de Seguros S.A.




Insurance is a dirty game.

Actually it is a filthy game.

You are covered until you claim.

Then it's GAME ON.

Rule #1. There are no rules and there certainly are NO morals

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Don't buy insurance from Compania Internacional de Seguros S.A. in Panama, Central America